About the project

TuxRiders, a journey to open-source scientific computing and computational engineering.

In TuxRiders, we aim to demonstrate the power of open-source scientific computing for real-world scientific research. In addition to this, we want to cover the underlying mathematics and computer science-related concepts to help you efficiently employ the discussed methods and techniques in mathematical and computational modeling projects. This will be achieved by various video series featuring different aspects of validated research projects in the field of computational science. These research works are (getting) published in the relevant scientific journals.

Materials provided by TuxRiders project will stand somewhere between the traditional instructive tutorials and general demos of features. In this way, we want the audiences, despite the variety of background they might have, to benefit from the published content to increase their knowledge of scientific computing while getting to know the possibilities provided by the powerful world of open-source software development.

TuxRiders is intended to show you how to implement your ideas, no matter how simple or complicatd they are, in computer models in a straightforward manner. Indeed, the freedom brought by open-source tools plays an important role in this agility. What you should do in this "near-zero to near-hero" experience is fastening your seat belt and accompanying us throughout this journey.