An introduction to finite element modeling

In this series, we simulate a single problem in different finite element programs.

Series Materials

In order to follow the videos and reproduce the output, you may want to use the ready codes and models instead of creating them from scratch using the instructions from previous videos. You can find all the relevant stuff, grouped for different episodes in this GitHub repository


  1. Transient heat transfer in helical heat exchangers: introducing the video series presentation
  2. Prepare the geometry: create a helical spring shape in SALOME and mesh it presentation
  3. Prepare the geometry: create the helical shape in FreeCAD and mesh it in SALOME presentation
  4. Transient heat transfer (diffusion) in FreeFEM: weak formulation & implementation presentation
  5. Installing FEniCS and importing the mesh into it presentation
  6. Transient heat transfer (diffusion) in FEniCS: weak formulation & implementation presentation
  7. Compare FreeFEM and FEniCS for the transient diffusion problem presentation
  8. Transient heat transfer (diffusion) simulation in Elmer Multiphysics presentation
  9. Transient heat transfer simulation in OpenFOAM presentation
  10. Transient and steady-state heat transfer simulation in Code Aster & Salome-Meca presentation
  11. Introducing some of the most powerful and well-known open-source solvers presentation